Confiding in Parents – What Drives It? [Part 2]

Focus on your Family

Editor’s note: Abraham began by sharing his personal experiences on how his parents created a safe environment for him to communicate openly with them. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here. In this post, Abraham shares his thoughts on what parents can do after their children open up to them.

Creating the right environment for a child to share is just half the battle! What happens when they do share will determine how likely they are to come back and share again.

Consistency is key: listen to the small stuff

Parents are understandably concerned about their children confiding in them the important stuff. However, there’s going to be a lot of small stuff that children are going to want to share. They might seem inconsequential to parents, but unless it’s heard out, children are less likely to share the more important stuff. Many children share…

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