What Do You Do When…

From a Far Country

The Gospel of John  Chapter Six.  Jesus feeds the five thousand.  Then He disappears into the hills to pray.  The disciples cross the sea and Jesus comes to them in the night walking on the water.  The next day the crowd that had been fed seeks Him out.  And Jesus lights into them.

Basically He says ‘You come to me because you want free food.  You to me because of what I can do for you instead of who I am.’

So how about it?  Do I follow Jesus for what He does for me?  For money and health and protection from the thousand stresses that come at me, right now, here in this life?  Or maybe I follow just for the promise of heaven.  For this life and the life to come.  For me.  For me and me alone.

Or do I worship and follow and obey solely because…

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