what’s in a name


All of Jacob’s life, he had been a wrestler.

He wrestled with Esau over the birthright blessing. With Isaac his father. He wrestled between Rachel and Leah, not choosing either, creating a face off between them. And finally, he wrestled with God himself.

They wrestled all night long.
That’s a long time.
Jacob wins, but then his hip is set out of socket by one touch. He was allowed to prevail.
Why? Because the goal was to bring about a new life for Jacob and bless him.
“God wins” –> that’s the Bible.
God wins by losing.
That’s the theme of the whole Bible.
Jesus’ death, Paul’s life and death in prison. Yet two of the most talked-about figures in history, still.

The picture is this:
Jacob on the ground, holding onto the man’s leg saying, “I won’t let you go until you bless me.”
How ridiculous.

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