Month: July 2015

10 WAYS to Look and Feel Your Best

10. Take care of your appearance.
9. Wear a smile.
8. Get out of you chair and exercise! (1 cor. 6:19-20)
7. Cut back on the sugar and drink plenty of water.
6. Be yourself. No need to fake it.
5. Stand tall. You were handmade by God.
4. Look beyond yourself and celebrate the accomplishments of others.
3. Never build yourself up by putting others down. It doesn’t work.
2. Get some sleep. Short nights can result in unproductive days and weaken your immune system.
1. Get to know the One who created you!

The Blue Door


Image – courtesy of TheCrazyBagLady

The Blue door

My head is very clear today. Not jumbled or stifled or even unclear. If I focus on the things that are important to me, I will come through fine. This is not a race or a competition, I feel it is an opportunity to open doors that have been closed to me for a very long time. Which doors have been closed to me? Well there’s a door which is coloured light blue with a white door bell and a black knocker. It is regal looking as if it belongs in a palace. I’m not sure what’s behind that door, but I am very interested to open it and have a good look.

I’m pushing it now, but it is stiff and I really have to put my whole body against it. It gives and flies open! The room is dark, but…

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Master Jonathan Field

Life is about experiences. And having many of them.

Life is also constantly moving forward. Never standing still.

With each pasting year, are you having new experiences or the same ones?

Are you living your life where each year is basically the same with very little new experiences?

Or are you living life where each year is completely new and different from the previous one?

Are you actually living life to the fullest that you can?

Life is more fulfilling when you are constantly experiencing new things and constantly learning.

It keeps things fresh and interesting. This turns makes life more enjoyable.

Life is suppose to be enjoyable.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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